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Taxi Driver Assessment cabology questions

Below you will find some questions that you may be asked as part of the Taxi Driver Assessment.

Cabology questions

Q. If you found some lost property in your taxi. How long do you have to hand it in to the police?
A. Within 24 hours. Or leave item at your taxi office for safe keeping.

Q. If your tyre pressure in the front tyre is 40psi and the rear is 35psi. What would you inflate the spare tyre to?
A. The higher pressure so you can reduce the pressure if you need to.

Q. At what times are you NOT permitted to sound your horn?
A. Between the hours of 11:30pm and 7:00am.

Q. What age limit are you responsible for wearing a seat belt?
A. 14 years and under.

Q. What are your main concerns for your passengers?
A. Their safety and comfort.

Q. What should you have on display at all times in your cab?
A. My local Authority taxi licence badge.

Q. How would you show consideration for passengers alighting? from your vehicle?
A. Stop close to the kerb and avoid proximity to obstructions (street furniture, trees etc.)

Q. Who is permitted to smoke or vape in your taxi?
A. Nobody including the driver.

Q. When are you entitled to refuse a dog in your taxi?
A. Only when you have a special exemption such as for medical reasons.

Taxi Assessment Highway Code Questions

Q1. What is the maximum legal level of alcohol your permitted in your blood?

Q2. When should you not overtake another road user?

Q3. When  approaching junctions, what should you look out for?

Q4. When are you permitted to smoke in your car / cab?

Q5. What are the rules for the amber traffic light?

Q7. When should you give way to buses?

Q8. What does a flashing amber light mean on a pelican crossing?

Q9. What precautions must you take in icy / snowy conditions ?

Q10. When should you use fog lights?

Q11. What are the rules for parking outside schools and on yellow zigzag lines?

Q12. When can you legally overtake on the inside lane.

Q13.  What colours are the reflectors on a Motorway or Dual Carriage and their location?

Q14. What is the legal minimum depth of tread on your tyres?

Q15. What do zig zag lines mean at a pedestrian crossing?

Q16. What are the rules for a yellow box junction?

Q17. Who is permitted to smoke or vape in a Taxi?

Q18. At a Zebra Crossing when are you permitted to continue your journey?

Q19. You are driving in fog. At what distance of visibility should you use your fog lights?

Q20. When can you use a hand held electronic device?

Q21. When should you sound your horn?

Now answer the following road signs that will be shown to you by your assessor.

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