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Taxi Driver Assessments in Stevenage

The Assessment

There are four types of assessment you can do:

  • The Standard Taxi Assessment
  • The Enhanced Assessment - this includes the Wheelchair Exercise.
  • The Wheelchair Assessment Upgrade
  • The Extended Taxi Assessment.

You will still need to bring your current, valid driving licence with you and be able to read a vehicle registration number plate at least 25 metres away. If you are required to use corrective visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses you must use them on the training and assessment.

If you fail the eyesight test you will fail the training and assessment and you will not be permitted to continue. You will also lose your training and assessment fee. If you are taking the Wheelchair Enhanced Assessment you can still complete this part of the exercise. Once you have improved your eyesight. You will then need to book the Standard Taxi Assessment.

Book a Taxi Driver Assessment in Stevenage

Complete the online form to book your Taxi Driver Assessment- click on the button below:

View or share your driving licence information

After you have booked your assessment you will need to go online to view or share your driving licence information - click on the button below:

Follow the instructions on the website and forward the last eight digits of your driving licence number and the special code the website generates for you. This code is case sensitive. We need this information to check your driving licence so that we are insured for your training and assessment.

Email the last eight digits of your driving licence number and the special code to

Your Driving Assessment

What will happen:

  • You must sign a declaration that you are legally entitled to have an assessment in the vehicle you supply.
  • A visual inspection of the vehicle.
  • Complete a manoeuvre as if you are collecting a passenger behind you.
  • Up to 10 minutes of independent driving. This can be by sat nav, memory, using road signs or a combination of all three.
  • Highway Code and Cabology questions.
  • Controlled Stop (one in three assessments)
  • Moving off and stopping several times.

You’ll pass the assessment if you make 9 minor faults or less. You’ll fail if you get more than 9 minor faults, (4 minor faults for the same category will result in a fail) or make a serious or a dangerous fault.

The Extended Taxi Assessment

This assessment has the same criteria as The Standard Assessment but you will be required to drive for an additional 40 to 50 minutes.

You can only book this assessment if you have been instructed by your local authority to so.

Wheelchair Upgrade Assessment

You will need to bring a vehicle suitably adapted with a wheelchair for this exercise.

Wheelchair Accessibility Assessment training video

Your taxi

Your vehicle must:

  • Be clean inside and out.
  • Have up to date vehicle road fund tax
  • Be smoke & vape free.
  • Display a speedometer in MPH and able to travel at 70mph
  • Have a valid & current MOT (if over three years old)
  • Be roadworthy
  • Have four wheels and not exceed 3,500kg maximum authorised mass.
  • Tyres must be in good condition and sufficient tread depth that exceeds the legal minimum limit of 1.6mm. (space saver tyres can not be used)
  • All seat belts must be in working order.
  • Head restraints in place for all passengers and the driver.
  • Have vehicle insurance for the purpose of the driving assessment.
  • Have Interior & exterior lights in good working order. This includes dashboard warning lights.

If you are unable to meet the above requirements we can supply a hire vehicle for your assessment that will cover you.

At the end of the assessment we will inform you of the result. A debrief will be given if you want one. We will email you a copy of your assessment form. When you pass we will send you an e-certificate. With your permission we will also inform the local authority that you intend to work in a copy as validation.

Training & Assessment Prices

Training for your assessment is important for you to pass your Practical Taxi Driving Assessment.

To ensure you get the best results we recommend a first two hour assessing and training session. All the information you need for your assessment will be provided for you to revise. This includes the Highway Code, Cabology, Independent Driving and the Manoeuvres.

Training sessions are booked by the hour.

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - £40 after 6pm - £50

Saturdays am - £50 Closed Saturday pm and Sundays - if you require training outside of these hours we will try and make special arrangements with our trainer.

Assessments after 6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings please add £20 to the assessment you require.

The Standard Hackney/Private Hire Taxi Assessment is £75

The Enhanced Hackney / Private Hire Taxi Assessment. This includes the Wheelchair Exercise - £85

The Wheelchair Assessment upgrade is £20

The Extended Hackney / Private Hire Taxi Assessment is £140

If you wish to cancel or amend your assessment please do so at least three days before your booking.

For more information or to make an appointment use our contact form or call John Billingham on 01438 233079


Hello Driver taxi driver training


I passed my learner driving test with John then 18 months later I asked him to help me with my Taxi Assessment. John was very good at pointing out some habits I had picked up since I got my full licence. The training was a bit different to what he had been teaching me in the past.

The manoeuvres were slightly different and no parallel parking!!!!

Everything about the taxi assessment was explained to me so I knew what to expect. It all fell in to place and I passed first time.



For more information call John Billingham on call 01438 233079

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